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The Freelancer's Tax Guide for 2016

The Freelancer’s Tax Guide for 2016

Are you among the “fortunate” population of Americans who identify as freelancers? Does a typical workday include telecommuting from Starbucks in your favorite worn-out yoga pants? Then, you might just be the envy of all your nine–to–five neighbors…well, until April 15 anyway. Although a freelance lifestyle offers numerous advantages, tax season definitely isn’t one of...
The top 10 Super Yachts and their stats

The top 10 Super Yachts and their stats

Your favorite celebrities and the ultra-rich can often be seen vacationing on private mega-yachts, the ever-popular floating mansions of the seas. Every time yachts are in the news, it seems like they just keep getting bigger. Just how big are luxury motor yachts becoming today? #10 – Ocean Victory (459 ft) Even last in our list, Ocean...

Why Athens is Where You Will Find Yourself

As a UGA soon-to-be graduate, I am a bit biased. Clearly. But, I find myself being extra sentimental upon leaving this classic town for more reasons than meets the eye. I have a theory that Athens is made for people from all walks of life. If you walk on the intersection in front of the...
8 Ways To Lower Your Utility Bill This Summer

8 Ways To Lower Your Utility Bill This Summer

As the weather gets warmer and summer makes its sweaty debut, we often respond by running our air-conditioners, ceiling fans and water supply on full-blast. However, this adversely impacts both our utility expenditures and “green” living efforts. For advice on how to stay cool during summer’s heat without draining your wallet or environmental resources, check...

An Ode to Google: An Intern’s Thoughts

An intern’s thoughts on how to gain respect for the past while appreciating the future.  People aren’t impressed with a Know-it-All As an intern, come in with your skills. From there, your job is to be a sponge. It is imperative that you should take on the responsibility of being prepared. However, preparedness is not the...
A Valentine's Day Proposal Mashup

A Valentine’s Day Proposal Mashup

In honor of the most romantic day of the year, companies and bloggers have put out a ton of content related to the holiday. Sure, it’s a bit of a manufactured “Hallmark” event, but it doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy copious amounts of chocolate and other treats! If you’re feeling in the mood for some...

6 Additions to Your Dream Home

Even though the Powerball jackpot has been claimed, and you’re almost certainly not one of the winners, it’s still fun to fantasize about what you’d do with the millions in winnings. Super high-end fashion? Ultra-leisure? Magnificent feasts? You could have it all. But you’re (probably) not a millionaire. You can still buy an awesome custom...
A Beginner's Guide to Chartering a Luxury Yacht

A Beginner’s Guide to Chartering a Luxury Yacht

There’s nothing better than booking a vacation, leaving the daily stressors behind, and spending a handful of days with not a care in the world. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have Paid Time Off, but for those who are able to get away for a week or longer, the opportunities for exploration and relaxation...
The 2015 Video Marketing Cheat Sheet

The 2015 Video Marketing Cheat Sheet

Great infographic by the folks at Animoto. If you’ve been lukewarm about incorporating video into your company’s marketing strategy, it make be time to rethink your attitude. Depending on your customer, your product, and your main platform for reaching an audience, video may be one of the best ways to promote your brand.

Eating Out

a Tim Love Restaurant – Woodshed Smokehouse
What's Your Fitness Influence?

What’s Your Fitness Influence?

Do you lead a healthy lifestyle? Do you encourage others to do the same? If you’re “FitFluential”, you’re doing a great job of talking the talk AND walking the walk. Take this quiz to see your fitness influence and share with your friends to see how they stack up!

The DC airport debate has been raging on for years. Though DC residents tend to prefer Reagan National due to its proximity to downtown, Dulles is better equipped to handle long haul, international flights. Additionally, people who live out in the Northern Virginia suburbs find that Dulles is a breeze. A simple jaunt along the...