Tip #3, avg.
avg free

Now this is just an opinion, and I hope I don’t make anyone mad, but I honestly can’t believe individuals pay for anti-virus protection! I certainly understand it at a corporate/enterprise level, but for the average home owner, there is absolutely no reason to be forking out extra cash for your anti-virus software. If you’ve been sucked in by Norton or some other anti-virus software, my advice is – just stop with it now, and start using AVG today. Clicking on the logo to the left will take you to the filehippo AVG download page. Now of course AVG has both a free, and a pay version, but you really don’t need to pay for it. There is much that could be said about AVG, but to keep it simple – it has been in my experience the single most effective anti-virus/anti-spyware tool available. It does not bog down your computer, and it essentially runs maintenance free. Once you configure your scheduled scans, and updates – just leave it alone. AVG will warn you of potential threats, and even scans websites for you before you access them (ensuring that you don’t go to a bogus site). If you are running other anti-virus software and want to switch, it is important to note that it is not in your best interest EVER to run more than one anti-virus program. Some people may think, well if I install AVG and NORTON and AVAST and MCAFEE than I’ll really be protected – but this is simply not true, in fact I don’t think it would even be possible, but if it was your computer would probably end up with more problems. So make sure you uninstall all other anti-virus software, and then install AVG. Admittedly not everyone will like AVG, or someone will find a problem with it, so I felt obliged to offer a runner up, and the winner is AVAST. A final tip: Be warned, any program telling you about all sorts of viruses and the need to pay in order to get the removed, is obviously a virus itself… stay away, and you’ll probably need to get help to remove this one.

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