ignore option on google+Although Google+ was rolled out with an impressive slate of features, the search company has slowly been adding additional functionality to its new social media platform. One of the latest features to be introduced is the Ignore Option, a function which hence the name, allows users to ignore others by limiting what they see in their profile. If users adopt this feature, it could have an impact on marketers, so here are some tips on how to avoid the wrath of the Google+ Ignore Option.

Stay on Track

There are many things to like about Google+, starting with its built-in friends architecture known as Circles. Unlike other social networks that group all your contacts into a single friends list, Circles let you divide your contacts into custom made groups aptly called circles. For example, your circles may consist of groups like business associates, prospects, friends, and family. When it comes to the Ignore Option, one of the keys to eluding its swift blade that will severe ties between you and your audience is staying focused with your communications. What we mean by this is you need to make sure you are sharing the right content with the right circles and keep all your interactions relevant.

Leave Sales Pitches at the Door

With such a large following that literally spans the globe, it is hard for marketers not to view social media as a viable sales channel. And although the numbers indicate that there truly are plenty of opportunities for sales, this is not the outlet to treat solely as an advertising tool. Doing social marketing right is about engaging and building relationships. This is true whether you’re working with Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter. For Google+, a brand new social network, engaging users with aggressive sales pitches is probably the fastest way to convince your contacts to use the Ignore Option. It could also get you in hot water with Google, who has warned brands not to use the platform as a marketing tool until a business version is released.

Prove Your Worth

Your Google+ contacts probably will not ignore you if you are not being a nuisance and throwing hard pitches their way at every opportunity. If you provide value in your communications and give them a reason to interact with you, making use of the Ignore Option will be the furthest thing from their mind. Showcase your expertise. Direct users to resources that can help them with their problems. Do what you can to build meaningful relationships with your audience, and if sales are what you’re after, they’ll come in due time.

In all honesty, the Ignore Option in Google+ is no more an obstacle for marketers than the Hide All Posts function Facebook makes available to its users. It will only affect your efforts if you make yourself a nuisance. Stay relevant, avoid the sales pitches, make yourself useful, and you should be in the clear.