email marketing with a focus on the mobile sectorWe have had a plethora of marketing tools and technology come our way over the last five years or so. Some of have stuck, some have fizzled, but none have been surrounded by more hype than mobile. The continued proliferation of smartphones has made what once seemed like a legend a reality. Savvy marketers have dived into the waters head first, and some are actually starting to see good results. In this article, we will explain why having an email marketing solution with a strong mobile focus is becoming an increasingly important need.

Mobile Has Arrived

If it is seems like just about everyone has a cell phone these days, it’s because they do. According to interesting new research, there are currently 5.3 billion mobile subscribers worldwide. Big deal? Absolutely, especially when considering that this number equates to roughly 77% of the entire global population. Additionally, smartphone users are said to make up more than half of that whopping 5.3 billion. It seems like we’ve been waiting forever, but mobile is finally here and in full force. A company you are already doing business with, that in this case being your email marketing service provider, can ideally provide you with convenient access for tapping into this exciting new market.

Email and Mobile are Tight

Even if your mobile phone barely does anything beyond making and receiving phone calls, you are probably aware that today’s smartphones are pretty capable to say the least. From downloading and running complex software applications to pulling up directions and recording video footage, there is starting to be nothing you can’t do with these devices. People use their mobile devices for a variety of purposes, but the simple act of checking email happens to be one of the most common of all. This is great news for the email marketer as it means subscribers can interact with your marketing message on the go, which could pay off in more ways than one.

Mobile Email Leads to the Mobile Web

Getting subscribers to read your email on their mobile device is great. However, what happens after they read your message is when the real benefits are revealed. If you have created a mobile version of your website, a relevant email offer could drive both traffic and sales. Statistics show that mobile e-commerce is on the rise, and with more companies establishing a presence in the mobile payment sector, making purchases from a smartphone could become just as common as buying items online from a desktop or laptop computer. Even if you aren’t selling anything, integrating email and mobile could result in more subscribers visiting your social hangouts, downloading your custom apps, and much more.


When it comes down to it, getting your email and mobile marketing services from the same provider is all about convenience. It adds simplicity to managing your efforts, and will probably be much cheaper than paying two different companies. If these are services you require, this could prove to be a rare instance in which putting all your eggs in the same basket is actually wise.